Suite for Bass Trombone and Piano

Ljom is a suite for Bass Trombone and Piano. It was commissioned by Robert Sylta for himself and his friend, pianist Oskar Abel Halvorsen.

It is in five short movements with a total duration of ca. 11-12 minutes.

1. Based on the overtone series and the acoustic scale.

2. It is a musical "natura morte". Everything is constructed from four parallell scales. The melody is shortened in both ends until its nothing more to cut.

3. A scherzo in triplets. Nothing more, nothing less.

4. A tune, almost a barcarole, in wrong surroundings. The same harmonies as in 2nd movement but more active. Still it's something wrong. The nature is not in balance.

5. A bold and straight forward finale with tonal referenses to the first movement.
All the material is freely invented to create symphathetic sonorities.