Playroom Music

for Solo Euphonium and Brass Quintet

Commissioned by Katrine Delp.

A mini-concerto for euphonium and brass quintet. The idea for the instrumentation came from a concert I heard in Manchester in 2010. The English Euphonium virtuoso David Thornton did a recital with brass quintet that I found very interesting. A fascintating combination of instruments.

The Euphonium player Katrine Delp commissioned me a piece for her final exam in 2010. I started off with a few simple rhythmic ideas and combined them with a few intervals I wanted to focus on. The rest was basically like playing with Lego®.

The overall form, A-B-A, is very common for a concerto. The middle section is slow, almost a blues at times, the outer sections are lively and rhythmic and share the same material.