Grieg mash-up

Commissioned by Krohnengen Brass Band for their 50th Anniversary in 2019.


Rendezvous has three is devided into three sections.
Each part are referring to Edvard Grieg's own titles. , 

but twisted, to make sure that everybody understand that this

music is a mash-up of themes Edvard Grieg used in opus 54 (for piano) 

and opus 61 (songs for children).

1. Trolltog med avsporing (March of the Trolls derailment)

March of the Trolls is a famous part of Edvard Grieg lyric pieces, opus 54.

2. Klokkeklang i feil sang (Bell ringing in wrong tune)

Bell ringing show that Grieg was one of the first composers to write the way impressionists did. 

What happens if this beatiful piece is combinded with 

several other themes from the same book? It somehow works in its own way.

3. Pep talk til Blakken (Pep talk to Blakken)

The riff used in the first part becomes an important part of the 

third part: a funky treat of the childrens song "Kveldssang for Blakken" (evening song for Blakken).

I felt that a rather tired old horse needed a pep talk more than a slow tune. So that is why you get this music(!) - and this is how my rendezvous with Grieg ends.

Not sure what maestro Grieg would have thougt... 

but, I have read that the fiddlers that played the tunes Grieg used 

was not happy with the way Grieg used them. 

So there you go...